FLOW Wine Chiller Stick

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FLOW Wine Chiller Rod, Aerator Pourer

Check out this Cool bar gadget.. The Flow Wine Aerator Bottle Chiller & Pourer! This handy 3 in 1 wine gadget features a detachable gel-filled stainless steel chiller rod which can be stored in the freezer until ready to use. When popped into a bottle of chilled wine it will keep it cool from the inside and the built in aerator oxygenates your wine boosting the aroma and enhancing the flavour whilst the non-drip wine pourer will ensure a clean, easy non drip pour.

Can be used as a wine aerator and wine pourer on it's own for red wine or with the chiller rod for white wine, perfect for dinner parties and alfresco garden parties eliminating the need for large messy ice buckets, plus it makes a great addition to any home bar for all those wine lovers out there.


  • Wine Aerator - Wine Chiller - Non Drip Pourer
  • Gel Filled Quick Freeze Cooling Rod
  • Eliminates The Need For An Ice Bucket
  • 3 in 1 Wine Gadget

wine chiller rod

EASY TO USE - Store the stainless steel chiller rod In the freezer until ready to use. Once you have poured the first glass simply pop the chiller aerator stick into a chilled bottle of wine. It will keep your wine chilled from the inside, aerate your wine as you pour, plus the Non-Drip pourer will ensure you don't waste a drop.

NO NEED FOR MESSY ICE BUCKETS - Perfect for dinner parties, picnics & alfresco garden parties, this 3 in 1 wine gadget eliminates the need for large messy ice buckets and wine coolers which take up valuable room on your dinning table.

The FLOW Wine Chill Stick is perfect for white wine, rose wine and for lowering the temperature of Red Wine.