FLOW Wine Vacuum Pump & Stopper Set

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Wine Bottle Saver Vacuum Pump With Date Marker Stoppers

A fabulous Wine Vacuum Pump & Stopper Set makes the perfect wine companion for any wine lover.  A handy wine tool to help preserve the taste and aroma of your favourite wine once it has been opened. This 3 piece set includes an easy grip wine saver pump plus 2 wine bottle stoppers.

The Wine Saver Pump creates an airtight vacuum preventing the oxidation process which is responsible for the deterioration of wine, helping to keep your wine fresh, preserving the taste and aroma for upto 7 days.

Made from durable moulded plastic, the vacuum pump is ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable grip for an easy push & pull pump action, removing the air and essentially re-sealing your wine bottle. The 2 reusable bottle stoppers feature numbered markings along the rim, allowing you to mark the date your wine was opened. The stoppers are dishwasher safe and are suitable for most wine bottle types.

An excellent wine gift idea and a practical wine accessory for wine bars, restaurants, bistros and wine tasting events.

  • Wine Saver Vacuum Pump
  • 2 x Wine Bottle Stoppers With Date Markers
  • Preserves Quality of Wine

How to use the FLOW Wine Vacuum Pump

FLOW Vacuum Wine Pump & Stoppers

1) Place the stopper into the neck of the wine bottle. 2) Attach the vacuum wine pump. 3) Use a push & pull action to remove the air from the wine bottle. 4) When you feel resistance the air has been removed from the bottle. 5) Set the stopper to the correct “opened” date.

FLOW Wine Vacuum Pump