Reusable Metal Straws - The benefits of reusable straws

Whats The Best Reusable Straw? Metal Straws, Copper, Bamboo Or Silicone Straws?

The reusable straw burst onto the market after the problem of plastic pollution was highlighted in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 documentary. Shortly after, the UK Government announced its plan to ban the sale of single-use plastics and in 2020 it became illegal to sell or supply them in England.  

So What Is A Reusable Straw?

A reusable straw is a drinking straw which can be used time and time again. and now there are an array of reusable straws available in various colours and materials including metal straws, bamboo straws and silicone straws. Pretty neat hey!  

Reusable straws have no doubt increased in popularity, but which reusable straw is best for you?

Metal Straws

Best for strength and durability, metal straws are the most popular choice of reusable straw. Made with high quality food grade stainless steel, Flow Barware Metal Straws are super durable so won’t break or bend, plus they are non-toxic, stain-free, rust proof, scratch proof and 100% recyclable. Strong, sturdy and super stylish they come in a set of 8 reusable straws including 4 straight and 4 angled straws. Featuring a smooth rounded sipping end they are available in some amazing colours including Silver, Copper, Rose Gold and Iridescent Rainbow!! Complete with a handy cotton storage pouch and cleaning brush.

Metal straws


metal rainbow straws

Bamboo Straws

Best eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, Bamboo Straws are a winner! Bamboo is strong, super sustainable, natural, 100% biodegradable. Completely naturally grown, Flow Barware Bamboo Straws come in a pack of 8, along with a cleaning brush and handy cotton storage pouch. Reusable and compostable these bamboo straws are perfect for your kombucha, sipping your sangria or simply pop one in your Pina Colada to turn up the totally tropical vibe.  

Reusable bamboo straws

Silicone Straws

Best for kids and a better alternative to plastic, these Flow Barware Silicone Straws are made from FDA approved, food grade silicone. The soft silicone is gentler on the teeth making them a great choice of straw for kids. Plus they can be cut to any size! Colourful, fun, super durable and slightly wider than the metal and bamboo straws, making them perfect for kid’s juices, milkshakes and for sucking up smoothies.

silicone straws


Kids Milkshake Straws


Why is it important to use a reusable straw?

Did you know that approximately 78% of the world’s plastic is never recycled! By using Reusable straws you can help to make a difference. Not only are they super stylish and trendy, but they have many other benefits including: 

Better for our Oceans & the Environment

One of the greatest threats to our planet is plastic pollution and it is no secret that much of the world’s plastics find their way into the ocean, harming the environment and marine life. Huge concentrations of plastic waste can also be seen in landfills and community open spaces. We can all help to reduce this influx of plastic into our environment by choosing reusable metal straws. A straw which can be used again and again.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Using reusable stainless steel straws means you use less plastic, in turn lowering the amount of plastic you dispose of. If we consciously choose to stop using plastic straws there is less of a demand for manufacturing them, which in turn will lower the amount of toxic industrial waste associated with the manufacturing process of single use plastic straws.  

Better for your health, BPA Free

Plastic straws are made from petroleum derived polypropylene which can leach harmful toxins into liquids which can affect health. By using a metal straw you cut down on the exposure to these harmful toxins as metal straws are BPA free. 


Yes indeed! They can be used and cleaned over and over again.  

Are reusable straws hygienic?

Sure they are! Each pack of straws comes with a handy cleaning brush which slides in and out of the straw ensuring the inside stays super clean. They can also be safely sanitised in your dishwasher. Along with the cotton drawstring pouch, making them easy to carry. 

Bamboo straws


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