Wine Aerators - The benefits of using a red wine aerator

So why should we aerate wine?

If you are a wine lover then you will know or have heard that you should give your wine a chance to “breathe” or “aerate” before taking that first sip. To “Aerate” wine means to expose the surface of it to air. But do you know the reason why? Well it is so that the processes of Oxidisation and Evaporation can occur.

Certain compounds which occur naturally and those which are added to preserve and add character to the wine, especially red wine tannins can cause wines, especially young wines to taste harsh. When the wine is exposed to air these compounds are oxidised which improves the flavour and ultimately ensures a smoother finish.
Likewise the evaporation process eliminates these unfavourable compounds and releases the wonderful aromas which were locked in during the bottling process.
These two processes are important in ensuring you experience the full flavour of a product, both taste and smell.

So you’ve bought a bottle of wine from your local wine do you aerate it to get the best out of it? If you’ve been to any wine tasting events then you’ll know the wines are often decanted and left to breathe for a couple of hours before hand. But we are guessing you want to drink your wine straight away? So how can you aerate wine without a decanter? Well it’s quite easy with a Wine Aerator.

What is a Wine Aerator?
A wine aerator is a handy red wine gadget which instantly aerates your wine. Essentially speeding up the aerating process by sucking in air as the wine is poured, without the need to decant it and wait for hours! Wow! an instant wine aerator...what’s not to love?

Best Wine Aerators
There are a few different designs available but which wine aerator is best for you? Well to give you a helping hand these are our top 3 picks.

Flow Wine Aerator Pourer - In Bottle Wine Aerator
The Wine Aerator Pourer is a 2 in 1 wine aerator and pourer. Easy to use, it simply fits into the neck of the wine bottle and as the wine is poured it passes through the aerator creating a vacuum which sucks in air through the 3 air intake holes. The air is then introduced into the wine as tiny bubbles, aerating your wine in seconds, making even a cheap Red Wine taste great! The non drip pouring spout is perfectly angled for accurate pouring. This portable wine aerator is small enough to fit in a picnic bag so you can even aerate your wine on the go!
Once finished with, the wine aerator pourer can be easily removed and cleaned by rinsing under the tap.

wine aerator pourer Flow Barware

Flow Wine Aerator & Base - Hand Held Wine Aerator
The Flow Wine Aerator & Base works in much the same way as an in bottle wine aerator, although as the name indicates this aerator is hand held. Shaped like a funnel, the aerator is held above the wine glass. As the wine is poured it flows into the narrower end of the funnel passing across the air intake holes, creating a vacuum which sucks in the air needed to aerate the wine, improving the taste and releasing the aromas. The instantly aerated wine then flows out of the bottom of the funnel and into the wine glass. Any sediment is caught in the removable filter.
This handheld wine aerator is easy to clean and can be stored on the stylish Wine Aerator Stand. Perfect for the wine connoisseur with a home bar!
Flow wine aerator
The final wine aerator is one which can used with white wines too! But do you aerate White wine? I hear you ask! Well not all white wines need to be aerated. Generally, white wines which pack the same punch as a delicious red, such as an Alsace, Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays and Burgundies will all benefit from aeration. If you were to le a white wine breathe using a decanter, then you run the risk of the wine becoming warm during the aerating process….so not a good idea!
White wines need to be served cold as it helps to bolster the fruit flavours and aromas, as well as highlighting their natural acidity and crispness.
The beauty of this next aerator is that is has an inbuilt wine chiller, perfect for use with any white wine or Rose wines.

Wine Chiller Aerator and Pourer - 3 in 1 Chiller, Aerator & Pourer
The Wine Chiller Aerator & Pourer is a handy 3 in 1 wine gadget which includes a stainless steel Chiller Rod, Aerator and Pouring spout. Perfect when serving White wines and Rose wines, the gel-filled stainless steel chiller rod is detachable and can be stored in the freezer until ready for use. When fully frozen the chiller rod is then attached to the Aerator pourer and inserted into the bottle of chilled wine, ensuring it stays super chilled from the inside, without the need for bulky ice buckets. Perfect for Al-Fresco dining!
The aerator works in the same way oxygenating the wine as it flows through, whilst the non-drip wine pourer will ensure a clean, easy non drip pour.
This option is great for wine lovers who enjoy different types of wine, as this can be used as a wine aerator and pourer on it's own for red wine or with the chiller rod for white wine and Rose wine.
white wine aerator chiller rod
So there you have it! 3 great wine aerating options….all you need to do now is host your own Wine Tasting Party!! And if you are looking for a wine gift try the Flow 3 in 1 Aerator gift set.

Flow Wine Aerator 3in1 Wine Accessories Gift Set

This 3 Piece Wine Aerator Gift Set combines three of FLOW Barware's best-selling products together in one complete gift set - The set includes a 3 in 1 waiters friend corkscrew and bottle opener to open bottles with ease and style. A wine air aerator with stand to instantly improve the flavour, aroma, and taste of any wine and the FLOW wine vacuum pump with two wine bottle stoppers to keep your wine fresh for upto 7 days.

wine aerator gift set
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